Trunk Luggage Review: Top 3 Trunk Suitcases That Perform

By Jessie
Last Updated: April 27, 2023

When planning a trip, one of the first things you need to do is figure out what kind of luggage you’ll need. One option is trunk luggage. Trunk luggage is large and durable, making it ideal for carrying all of your belongings with you on a long trip.

In this article, I’ve found the top trunk luggage available in the market today that fits different types of travel. Remember that trunk suitcase are usually long and narrow, rather than wide like most hard-sided suitcases. Therefore, your organization will change a bit.

Why Travel With Trunk Luggage?

Here are some reasons to travel with a trunk:

  • Trunks are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is ideal if you’re planning to take a long trip or go somewhere with rough terrain.
  • Trunks are large, so that they can hold a lot of stuff. This is perfect if you’re packing for a family vacation or extended business trip.
  • Trunks often have wheels, making them easier to transport.
  • Many trunks come with handles, making them easier to carry.
  • Trunks usually have straps, which can be used to secure your belongings inside.
  • Some trunks come with compartments and pockets, which can help you organize your belongings.
  • Trunks are typically made of sturdy materials so that they can protect your belongings from the elements.
  • Some trunks come with locks, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.

If you’re looking for a durable and spacious piece of luggage, a trunk is an excellent option. Keep these reasons in mind when you’re choosing luggage for your next trip.

Delsey Paris Chatelet Hardside Trunk Luggage – 26-inch

The Delsey Paris Chatelet Hardside Trunk Luggage is a great option when you’re looking for elegant and durable trunk luggage. This trunk is made of polycarbonate to provide a lightweight feel while providing durability and resistance to impact. The leather accents on the outer shell add a luxurious feel with leather trimmings around the corners for added protection.

An integrated TSA lock for security is easy to set up. This suitcase also has a built-in tracking device if the luggage is lost.

Four double spinner wheels swivel 360 degrees. These wheels are durable, silent, and keep a packed trunk suitcase light on its feet. Depending on the user’s preference, the handle is adjustable at multiple stages. It has a soft grip to keep the hand comfortable.

This trunk suitcase also features a unique brake system that locks the two front wheels to prevent it from drifting away. It is easily activated with a push button on the case.

The interior is fully lined with matching leather accents. There are plenty of mesh zippered pockets for organization. It also comes with a laundry bag and shoe bag.

Overall, the Delsey Paris Chatelet Hardside trunk luggage is an elegant trunk suitcase that truly fits any traveler who values style and function.

Overall Dimensions & Features

  • Type: Hardshell Suitcase
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14 x 28.75 inches (26-inch suitcase)
  • Weight: 10.9 pounds
  • 4 x double spinner wheels
  • Recessed TSA combination lock
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brake System
  • Deluxe Interior
  • Built-in tracking device


  • High-quality interior and fabric (luxurious)
  • Comes with hanger
  • Lots of internal pockets
  • Wonderful craftsmanship
  • Very well designed
  • Lightweight
  • Stable does not tip or wobble
  • Designer style
  • Super smooth wheels
  • Lock easy to set
  • Sturdy handle
  • Brake system


  • The light color case gets dirty
  • Scratches easily
  • white shows every little bump and scratch from all the other black suitcases it travels with
  • May feel heavy without anything
  • The handle takes up some interior space

Suitable For

  • Long-haul trips
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Ski trips
  • Road trips
  • Competitions

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The Verdict

This is a designer-style trunk suitcase. It is exquisite and highly functional with lots of security and organization built-in. The quality of the materials is top-notch. The shell is hard, and the zippers feel solid. It’s well-made with very soft fabric inside that feels pleasant to touch.

The case design is genuinely luxurious with the white and leather trimmings combination. However, the white design gets dirty easily and may be better to cover with a protective cover when checking in.

The wheels are super smooth and roll effortlessly. The brake system is handy for a trunk suitcase to prevent it from drifting away. Also, it doesn’t tip over or wobbles at all.

The handle is sturdy and comfortable to hold. It slides easily up and down. The handles on the top and side make it easy to lift the luggage onto the car.

The zippered pockets inside are made of high-quality materials. There are enough compartments for small items. The laundry bag and shoe bag are a nice touch that comes in handy.

Overall, the Delsey trunk luggage is super high quality, inside and out. It is a great investment that will turn heads and give you more confidence in your travels.

LEVEL8 Trunk Luggage – 26 Inch

Looking for minimalistic design trunk luggage? Then the Level8 26-inch trunk luggage is a great choice. This trunk comprises three layers of durable polycarbonate with a micro-diamond textured surface to minimize scratches. The construction is lightweight and durable.

The interior is spacious with two split compartments. Each compartment has its zippered divider to keep belongings in place and separated. There are also elastic straps to secure your stuff.

This trunk suitcase features four dual spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees. They are highly responsive and silent, thanks to the steel ball bearings. The pull handle is made of aluminum and locks at multiple stages with a push of a button.

An integrated TSA lock is also easy to set up with a three-digit combination.

Overall Dimensions & Features

  • Type: Hardshell Trunk Suitcase
  • Material: 100% Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 13.39 x 27.56 inches (26-inch suitcase)
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Four multi-directional double spinner wheels
  • 4-speed adjustable handle
  • Micro-Diamond textured surface
  • Two fully zipped dividers


  • Sleek and modern looking
  • Dividers for each compartment
  • Wheels roll smoothly
  • Easy to handle at airports
  • Lock easy to set


  • Scratches easily

Suitable For

  • Long-haul trips
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Ski trips
  • Road trips
  • Competitions

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The Verdict

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.7.7″ _module_preset=”default”]This trunk suitcase is sleek and highly functional. I love the minimalist design and the overall solid construction. This suitcase makes you feel like your belongings will be safe and secure regardless of how rough bags get handled in airports.

The compartments are well-designed with their dividers. This is very helpful in keeping items organized and not falling out when opening the case. There are enough zippered pockets for toiletries and chargers.

I was quite impressed with how responsive the spinner wheels are. They glide smoothly and quietly with little effort. The handle is also sturdy and comfortable. Overall, it is fun to roll a big trunk suitcase around with ease.

Overall, the Level8 trunk suitcase is a beauty and a beast! It has all the functions and looks to hold up for many years.

Traveler’s Choice Maxporter II 30″ Trunk Luggage

Going on an adventure and need the ultimate trunk luggage? Then Traveler’s Choice Maxporter II 30-inch trunk luggage is worth a look. There’s a lot of attention to detail in this trunk that covers travel rigors. Let’s take a look.

This beast of a trunk is made from 100% polycarbonate material. It is solid and impact resistant. The surface has a unique surface to prevent scratches and scuffs. The corners are also covered with guards to protect against travel uncertainties.

This trunk luggage is a 70/30 split design to allow most of the packing on one side. There are also adjustable shelf dividers to separate items into different compartments. There is also a zippered divided with pockets integrated for small items. The interior lining is made with Shield-98 antimicrobial lining to prevent bacteria growth. Overall, the internal organization is well-designed and offers plenty of space to pack.

The T-Cruiser handle system has an ergonomic grip that easily locks into the preferred length with ease. Four spinner wheels are wide to improve traction and stability. With these high-tech features, rolling the Maxporter II will feel like a breeze.

This trunk means business and has all the advanced features to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Overall Dimensions & Features

  • Type: Hardshell Trunk Suitcase
  • Material: 100% polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 13.77 pounds
  • Colors: Black, Dark Green, Gray, Navy
  • Protective corner guards
  • T-Cruiser handle system
  • Dual Cyclone Spherical spinner wheel system
  • 70/30 split opening
  • Built-in TSA-compliant lock
  • Double coil burst-resistant anti-theft zippers
  • Removable and adjustable shelf dividers
  • Built-in add-a-bag- strap
  • Bottom grip handle
  • Shield-98 antimicrobial interior lining


  • Lightweight for its size
  • Spacious and durable
  • 70/30 opening
  • Adjustable shelf dividers for organizing
  • Multiple handles to grab and lift
  • Unique design stands out
  • Many pockets, loops, and such inside.
  • Easy to roll and handle
  • Super protective
  • Strong security features


  • Easy to overpack (because so roomy)
  • It allows you to pack on one side

Suitable For

  • Long-haul trips
  • College students

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The Verdict

This is the ultimate trunk luggage. It is super protective and packs a lot of advanced technologies to withstand the harshest travel conditions. It looks ready to take a beating and still looks solid after it.

It is well thought out and designed. From shell design, corner guards, and dimpled textured finish to the anti-theft zippers and TSA lock, this trunk has security as a priority. And it feels good to know that this trunk has all these concerns covered so you can focus on your travel and fun.

The interior is spacious. I’m a big fan of the 70/30 split, as it adds more depth to one side and feels more like packing in a trunk suitcase. So people may find the long and narrow design hard to pack, and it does restrict your packing if there are wide items.

The shelf divider is really creative and very useful. You don’t have to use it all the time, but it doesn’t take too much space. The top (30%) compartment is perfect for shoes or other items you want to keep separate from the rest of your stuff.

Since it is spacious, there’s always the tendency to overpack. Make sure to check the weight so that you don’t end up buying for additional weight.

The wheels are super responsive and make the suitcase fun to maneuver. It’s easy to roll this packed trunk everywhere, even in tight spots. The wheels are sturdy and offer a lot of grips.

Overall, the Maxporter II is one of the best trunk luggage on the market today. It boasts many high-tech features and has tons of space for all types of travel.

Keep in mind that it is 30-inch trunk luggage larger than most hard-sided luggage. Be sure to check with your airlines about the luggage rules.